Networking: important relationships for PWRDC

In Palestine there is a wide range of organizations that are engaged in women’s issues, either having it as their primary focus, or as part of their general (human rights or development) programs. Some international, regional and national organizations have been described above, but there are many more that work either from a (non)governmental, private sector or grass roots perspective.


The figure below shows the organizations with which PWRDC maintains relationships. Some are users of the information and training that is generated by PWRDC. Others are suppliers of data, information, and/or resources. The organizations are grouped in different categories; each has a different relationship with PWRDC.

•             International Relations: International agreements to be implemented on national level, reporting, platforms for cooperation, interaction and discussing, source of funding;

•             Regional Cooperation: Source of information, discussion, lobby, cooperation;

•             Government: Development and implementation on national policies;

•             Research: Collecting, supplying and interpreting data on women’s issues;

•             NGOs: Influence, create awareness (lobby and advocacy) and provide services to civil society;

•             Private sector: influence on women in labor market and

•             Press & Media: Critical viewpoint, outreach, reporting




Figure 3. Relationships between PWRDC and its stakeholders


Maintaining these relationships is very important for PWRDC in order to reach its vision and mission of serving as the primary clearinghouse and resource center on information related to the situation of Palestinian women so that governmental, international and civil society organizations, media, and research institutions, are able to better advocate for and realize gender equality.