About the Library

The Palestinian Women Research and Documentation Center library was established in 2006 with about 500 books, some of them from the Ministry of Planning (Gender Unit) and others from UNESCO publications and purchased books. Now our library contains 7000 books ready to use and 1500 books in process “data entry and classification”, in addition to that it contains up to date audio-visual books,  references, reports, and documents that examine development issues at the local, regional and international levels .The library is specialized in Social Science, specifically in gender.


The PWRDC library provides research information and data to governments, NGOs and to individuals, through the resources available at the center itself. The PWRDC is always looking to expand its collection by networking with Book Aid International throughout the “Book Development” Project. We have been working with them for 9 years. Their English books are very useful and have a great impact of developing research since the most books focus on research methodology and Gender. The rest of books come from donations and library book exchanges.



The library uses DEWY classification and now we use GREENSTONE software instead for the digital library that was recommended by UNESCO Head Quarter.

Libraries services:

  • Library catalogue: (online public access catalog) search for the books available in  the resource Centre  
  • Related links: we have a list that contains hundreds of links for research centers, international institutes and libraries.
  • Electronic resources: such as reports, articles, documents, and soft copies for publication


Library services and access:

  • Library opens from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • The library respond to inquiries via telephone, email and fax
  • Photocopying is available
  • Our circulation is limited to researchers, employees from MOWA, and teachers from the Institute of Women’s studies at Birzeit University.